2021 Fall Parent Teacher Conferences

As we come to the end of the first quarter of the 2021-2022 school year we are excited to connect with you about the progress of your student.  Each teacher is listed below alphabetically so you can easily find their name.  If you would like to meet with a teacher, please click on their name below and sign up for a Zoom meeting between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. on Thursday November 4.  After signing up,  the teacher will email you confirming the time as well as the zoom link for your meeting with them.

If for some reason all available spaces are full or you are unable to attend on the selected times on Thursday November 4th, please contact the teacher directly (find email addresses by clicking teacher names HERE) and set up a meeting at that works for the both of you.

Chris Albertson

Stacy Aldrich

Jason Allen

Stuart Allen

Jason Bare

Jay Bartlett

Sarah Berglund

Robert Brightman

Christina Bruhn

Theresa Buczek

McKenzie Caton

David Chavey

Erin Colclasure

Gianni Conti

Austin Cook

Paula Curcio

Bracken Deatherage

Kristen Dennison

Amy Deschane

Leah Drexler

Shannon Dyer

Lisa Estes

Greg Fetrow

Jessica Fife

Kynda Filipy

Amy Fishburn

Makynzie Frost

Greg Fryhling

Jackie Gates

Jenny Gatherer

Michele Greenwood

Beth Hammond

Stefanie Heintz

Joseph Henderson

Karlee Hodges

Montanna Hovley

Dale Ingram

Danielle Jelinek

Josh Jelinek

Skylar Johnson

Chad Kopf

Nathan Kraus

Ed Larrabee

Jack Long

David Lynch

Toree Markussen

Jason Martinez

Weston Mason

Robert McMinn

Nathalie Mereu

Tait Meyer

Dawn Morales

Shawn Murphy

Joann Murrow

Mike Neidhold

James Nelson

Robert Ochoa

Juan Carlos Olivares

Marc Olson

Erik Padilla

Scott Piippo

Daniel Porter

Juliana Pryor

Marcie Rader

Alyson Reich

Jennifer Reichert

Grant Richardson

Audra Richter

Krystal Rittenhouse

Jason Rose

Nathan Ruane

Natilee Ruiz

Melissa Sadanaga

Brock Sadler

Stephanie Schirm

Dawn Schoepflin

Janet Schuster

Gianna Scovazzo

Ryan Simmelink

Brad Smith

Jeremy Smith

Melissa Snipes

Matt Stadelman

Elizabeth Steiner

Earl Streufert

Taryn Suchy

Nicole Tamura

Crystal Torres

Tim Turner

Gloria Van Mason

Michael Veliz

Janice Waters

Nicole Weinman

Amy Westerfield

Brandon Wheeler

Nick White

Sam White

Meg Wietsma

Jenna Worcester

Bethany Yeager

Mike Yonemitsu

Corey Zirker