Student Thespians Honored at State Festival

Student Thespians Honored at State Festival

Broadway has the Tonys, Hollywood has the Oscars, Thespians have the Thespys!

Dozens of high school students from Richland and Hanford were honored earlier this month at the Washington State Thespian Festival, in categories including playwriting, costume design, acting, musical performances and more.

Students who received a score of superior in their category are named National Qualifiers. These students will have the opportunity to compete for awards at the International Thespian Festival which recognizes the highest level of achievement in school theatre performance. National Qualifier students also auditioned for Showcase performances as part of the closing ceremonies at Super State.

State Honorees are talented students who received a score of excellent for their submission. They will also receive awards at the Super State event.

National Qualifiers


  • Humayl Hashmi (Hanford, senior)
  • Kaylee Burnett (Hanford, senior)
  • Madeline Welling (Hanford, senior)
  • Lucas Muller (Richland, senior)

Duet Acting

  • Humayl Hashmi & Anna Poff (Hanford, seniors)
  • Joesephine Blaine (Hanford, senior) & Sophia Luongo (Hanford, junior)
  • Kaylee Burnett (Hanford, senior) & Sylvie Snow (Hanford, junior)
  • Riley Beard & Ashlyn Burnett (Hanford, sophomores)

Solo Musical:

  • Lola Eden (Hanford, junior)
  • Riley Maxfield (Hanford, senior)

Duet Musical:

  • Lola Eden & Sylvie Snow (Hanford, juniors)

Stage Management:

  • Macey Stephens (Hanford, junior)

State Honorees


  • Aidan Ayres (Hanford, junior)
  • Alannah Riedinger (Hanford, junior)
  • Anna Poff (Hanford, senior)
  • Ashlynn Alderman (Hanford, junior)
  • Cailyn Porter (Hanford, junior)
  • Degan Polston (Hanford, junior)
  • Francesca Acquaviva (Hanford, senior)
  • Lola Eden (Hanford, junior)
  • Madison Collin (Hanford, junior)
  • Taya Greenup (Hanford, junior)
  • Chris Godfrey (Richland, junior)
  • Connor Johnson (Richland, junior)
  • Isabella Bergstrom (Richland, sophomore)
  • Layla Avery (Richland, senior)

Duet Acting:

  • Brinna Williams & Sophia Gochoel (Hanford, sophomores)
  • Claire Landon (Hanford, sophomore) & Francesca Acquaviva (Hanford, senior)
  • Damian Lewis (Hanford, senior) & Isabel Trevino (Hanford, junior)
  • Emma Fuller & Nolan Newsome (Hanford, seniors)
  • Jack Henriksen & Katherine Nguyen (Hanford, seniors)
  • Jeremy Vollert (Hanford, junior) & Naveen McDermott (Hanford, sophomore)
  • Landry Allen (Hanford, sophomore) & Ashlynn Alderman (Hanford, junior)
  • Liam Anderson (Hanford, sophomore) & April Guzman (Hanford, junior)
  • Luke Liebert (Hanford, junior) & Elizabeth Blaine (Hanford, sophomore)
  • Philip Sen (Hanford, sophomore) & Macey Stephens (Hanford, junior)
  • Taya Greenup (Hanford, junior) & Elliott Nunez (Hanford, sophomore)
  • Connor Johnson (Richland, junior) & Alyssa Hammer (Richland, senior)
  • Ethan Gotthold (Richland, sophomore) & Lucas Muller (Richland, senior)

Group Scene:

  • "Macbeth" (Hanford)
  • "Men in White" (Hanford)

Solo Musical:

  • Afton Stoker (Hanford, junior)
  • Anna Poff (Hanford, senior)
  • Cailyn Porter (Hanford, junior)
  • Emma Fuller (Hanford, senior)
  • Jack Henriksen (Hanford, senior)
  • Julianna Rickey (Hanford, senior)
  • Liam Anderson (Hanford, sophmore)
  • Madeline Welling (Hanford, senior)
  • Madison Collin (Hanford, junior)
  • Sophia Luongo (Hanford, junior)
  • Sylvie Snow (Hanford, junior)
  • Cameron Meadors (Richland, junior)

Duet Musical:

  • Aidan Ayres (Hanford, junior) & Josephine Blaine (Hanford, senior)
  • Hank Johnson & Naveen McDermot (Hanford, sophomores)
  • Katherine Nguyen & Madeline Welling (Hanford, seniors)
  • Kieera Lake (Hanford, junior) & Claire Landon (Hanford, sophomore)
  • Landry Allen & Riley Beard (Hanford, sophomores)
  • Chris Godfrey (Richland, junior) & Becca Gibbons (Richland, sophomore)

Group Musical:

  • "All I Wanna Do Is Eat" (Hanford)
  • "Make Him More" (Hanford)
  • "Nine People’s Favorite Thing"  (Hanford)
  • "She’s in Love" (Hanford)
  • "Finale: Children Will Listen" (Richland)

Costume Design:

  • Saige Vining (Hanford, junior)
  • Sara Stoothoff (Richland, senior

Costume Construction:

  • Afton Stoker (Hanford, junior)

Scenic Design:

  • Alannah Reidinger (Hanford, junior)

The Washington State Thespian Festival is an annual event that gives students the opportunity to showcase their work, attend workshops presented by national and regional teaching artists and network with theatre students from their region.