Instrumental Music

Concert Attire


  • Black formal dress: Dresses are ordered through the Instrumental Music Dept. in early September for those who need one. Dresses DO NOT come hemmed. Cost $60. Make checks payable to RSD and pay the RHS bookkeeper by Nov. 9. The music department has selected a new dress style this school year. Students already in the program are permitted to wear last year's dresses. All freshmen must purchase the new style dress.  
  • Black dress shoes…..preferably flat v. high heels. 


  • Tuxedo: rented through the Instrumental Music Dept. Cost $35 yearly rental fee. Make checks payable to RSD and pay the RHS bookkeeper by Nov. 9. There is also a $15 dry cleaning fee. 
    • Tuxes must be returned after the last concert. Tuxes not returned by May 31 will be charged $100 for replacement of the tux. If returned after that date, the tux must be professionally dry cleaned and returned with receipt attached. The fine will be removed when the tux is returned cleaned. 
  • White tux shirt are available at tuxedo rental stores (this is different than a white dress shirt). Cost $10-20.        
  • Black cummerbund and bowtie set……Cost $12 from RHS IMB.
  • Black shoes/black socks

Did you know that students can pay for their concert attire through fundraising? 

Jazz Band

Attire (Men and Women):

  • PANTS:  Black polyester dress slacks are required. NO cotton pants. NO tuxedo pants. NO Dockers pants. If you are not sure, ASK.
  • SHIRT: Plain black shirt for both men and ladies 
  • Black dress shoes/socks

Jazz Band Video Archives

Thanks to Ann and Wayne Winkelman for taking this video of a Jazz Band Performance and loading it on YouTube.  The links are below or click the play button on the pictures below.


Sarah Berglund


Matthew Larsen


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