This scholarship page does not list scholarships being offered exclusively by individual colleges and universities. Please go directly to that schools' scholarship resource page for more information about their internal scholarships.

Tuition Funding Sources

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Washington Scholarships

This site will provide you with detailed information regarding the range of college scholarships to be found in Washington. Both public and private funding opportunities exist. The state offers several different forms of scholarships, grants and tuition debt forgiveness.

Smarter Scholarship Matches
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Student Scholarships

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Our Scholarships

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Scholar Snapp

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ZIPPIA (Interests & Hobbies Scholarships)

We put together a comprehensive list of scholarships available based on hobbies and interests:


Senior Award Ceremony

Our Senior Scholarship, Academic and Military Award Ceremony is scheduled for June 7th (time and location to be determined). The event honors seniors who have won scholarships, academic awards or will be entering military service after graduation. If you are a senior who has been awarded a scholarship, Honors-At-Entrance, academic award, recruited by the military, and/or received an unusual appointment, please let us know by filling out the Senior Scholarship, Academic & Military Recognition Form and returning it no later than May 26, 2021. During the event, your name will be called and you will be recognized for your achievements.