High School & Beyond Plan

Completion of the High School and Beyond Plan is a Washington State Graduation requirement. The HSBP provides an opportunity for you to examine your skills and abilities as well as articulate your plans for your future after graduation.

ALL the activities listed below must be completed and given to the Career Center for review and approval on or before the deadline date of April 3, 2020:


  • ASVAB - Interest's and skill assessments testing (both the Assessment AND Interpretation Class).  The next testing dates are scheduled for December 13th and January 28 - 31, 2020.  Please contact Mrs. Schirm to be put on the ASVAB testing roster.
  • Career Research Worksheet - Please answer questions and print.

  • Resume Example
  • HSBP Action Plan – Complete (choosing one from the list below) your intended career path after high school.   Once completed, it must be signed by a parent. 

If the HSBP is not completed in a Careers and Financial Literacy class, it must  be completed by the student and given to the Career Specialist, Stephanie Schirm or the Career Center Secretary, Monika Brink for final review and approval. Please  bring the completed paperwork to the Career Center, Room 1223 on or before the deadline date of April 3, 2020.