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Post-Secondary Education Grant



FAFSA/WASFA Outreach Volunteers

The new Washington College Grant (WCG - formerly the State Need Grant) is one of the most generous financial aid programs in the country and we are very excited about it at WSAC. The first step in accessing the scholarship is filling out the FAFSA or the WASFA. But, despite the state’s generous financial aid system, Washington consistently ranks in the bottom 5 states for student FAFSA completion. Aim Higher Washington is an ambitious outreach campaign focused on promoting awareness of the flexibility of the new WCG, supporting increased FAFSA/WASFA completion, and encouraging students to pursue postsecondary education. 

To develop effective outreach strategies that will increase FAFSA/WASFA completion and postsecondary attainment, WSAC has partnered with the communications firm PRR to get feedback or new ideas from community members regarding draft messaging and outreach strategies. To do so, PRR will facilitate an online workshop with approximately 15 educators, senior students and parents from school districts, and is seeking volunteers to participate. Would you or anyone in your school community (colleagues, students, families) be open to participating in this workshop and having a representative from PRR reach out to discuss more details? If so, please provide the name and contact information of the individuals interested in taking part, and we will pass this information along to PRR. At this point, the only thing interested parties would be committing to is to be contacted by PRR. PRR will follow-up and provide more details about the workshop, including the time and incentives for participating.

Amelia Moore

Assistant Director of Policy and Planning

Washington Student Achievement Council

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